What’s In Your Dog’s Bowl For Dinner?

Now your dog has meal choices with Beneful in varieties of dry, chopped or a blend of both. Meals that nourish your pet internally providing healthy skin and coat while they enjoy their Beneful meal is a treat in itself. We couldn’t do that much for our pet if we shopped and cooked the meals ourselves. Purina has taken the task to heart and given pets an extension on their life.

Puppies – Are treated with a start in life, boosting the growth of healthy organs as they begin their puppy life with growth spurts and enhanced activities. Among the puppy foods is “Healthy Puppy” Dry Food for growing puppies enriched with calcium for teeth and bone growth, not to mention 100% of the nutrients needed to help your pet’s vision, brain and muscle in tune with their growth. This food is made with real chicken and vegetables needed to maintain and enhance your pet’s major growth period.

Your Pet Has Grown Out of the Puppy Stage – That’s terrific news, your pet is growing into its paws and is out of the clumsy puppy stage. Although you’ll miss that cute stage they go through, you will enjoy the future stages of your pet just as much. Through the doggy teen years, you need to maintain their nutritional needs because they are still growing and burning more energy that we realize. Through this stage, you have the choice of dry or wet foods specially blended to meet the nutritional needs of an active young dog. Alternating Menus For A Variety

• Beef, Tomatoes, Carrots and Wild Rice blended with all the nourishing and packed with vitamins for healthy bones, eyes, and brain.

• Chicken, Tomatoes, Carrots, and Wild Rice with 100% of the vitamins needed for continued healthy growth.

• Salmon, Tomatoes, Carrots and Wild Rice, with all the Omega 3 and calcium vitamins your pet needs for strength and nutritiously packed energy to carry your dog into the senior years.

• Of course, the dry food alternatives have the same nutritiously packed ingredients for growth, healthy, and balanced lifestyle your pet deserves.

• For the slightly “plump” dog, PurinaStore has a Beneful dry dog food that is calorie smart, still containing 100% of your pet’s nutritional needs mixed with tender and crunchy nibbles designed to help your pet lose weight and maintain that sleek body with energy to burn.

• For those rewards and treat times, your dog will love Beneful Treats without knowing how healthy they are for continued healthy snacks. There is no quilt in treating your pet to a few treats each day. Purina’s Beneful is designed for the long life of your pet and the enjoyment of your companion.

A Woman That Rose To The Top With Her Dreams

Doe Deere is the creator of the very well known makeup called Lime Crime. She is a young woman who was born in Russia, and immigrated to the United States when she was just a young girl. Deere is a woman that wanted to start a business on her own terms. She wanted to create a makeup brand that was unique, but she did not really have the money that she needed to fund her dream. Deere was determined to not let her financial situation hold her back. She wanted to be able to follow her passion, and that is exactly what she did.

Deere was able to start her makeup brand with just a few hundred dollars and a dream. She was able to start a small business that later became a big business. Doe Deere is truly a woman that has been able to inspire many other women that want to start their own business. She helps these women to see that with hard work and determination, anything is really possible. Many people doubted Deere when she was starting her own cosmetic brand, but she was able to make it to the top. Not only is Doe Deere a woman that has a successful cosmetics business, but she is also an inspirational speaker as well. She travels the United States to promote her cosmetic brand, and she also gives inspirational speeches to encourage women to follow their dreams.

Lime Crime is a unique makeup brand that encourages women to use their makeup to express themselves. She believes that the face is a canvas and that makeup can be the paint. Her makeup comes in bright colors that are not always the norm. Lime Crime makeup has dark blues, blacks, and greens for lipsticks, and it also has pastels, neon’s, and metallic colors for the eyes and face. Deere does not believe that makeup has to follow social norms, but rather that makeup should allow a person to change themselves into a look that represents their ideals and their imagination.

All of Lime Crime products are not tested on animals, and they are made with the highest quality materials. Doe Deere is a person that is truly inspirational; she represents a culture of individuals that are proud to be different. Doe Deere is also a woman that inspires individuals that are pursuing the American Dream, because she has been able to reach her goals as an American, as a woman, and as an entrepreneur.

What is the new step for Bruce Levenson’s career?

This year has been a turnaround in the life of the Atlanta Hawks’ former lead owner, Bruce Levenson on espn.go. Since the last quarter of 2014, when the negotiation started to sell the NBA’s five time champion of the Southeast division, Levenson has been part of one of the longest transactions for what is an NBA standard operation.

It was a long road until June 2015 when finally the new management structure on brucelevenson.com became solid for the team. On and off negotiations, different bids, bankers involved. Almost a full year being part of the news headlines, certainly not such an easy thing to take on unless you are an experienced businessman such as Levenson, foreseeing every possibility available where others just see problems to solve.

When the negotiations first started, aiming as high as possible was what got him into a good deal just as the ones Bruce Levenson is used to get when working with his other companies; such as the United Communications Group, where he is the co-founder since 1977 and TechTarget, an IT media company where he is one of the founding and directors’ board members.

Now, after 10 years been part of the Atlanta Hawks LLC, Atlanta Spirit LLC when they first started, Levenson has decided that is time to move forward; to do what now? There’s not a full outlook to answer that question, but it won’t be a long time until his next project is out there for everyone to talk about.

Levenson, “a journalist, entrepreneur and successful builder of several businesses”, as it says on his official website, has also developed an active participation for over forty years for different philanthropic organizations; The Hoop Dreams Foundation and Community Foundation of Washington D.C. among them. With a clear target on his mind, his wife Karen has been by his side always targeting education initiatives and disadvantaged youth.

As being an entrepreneur has its demands, he is always creating something, improving what he already has and moving on to a next step. Either if it is founding a Philanthropy Non-Profit Center at the University of Maryland or directing an IT publicly-traded company, Levenson will continue to uplift his resume.

Bruce Levenson certainly knows how to build up a career based on innovation and well managed ideas, for which everyone will continue receiving news from him about his most recent field of interest. Let’s wait for it and see what’s new.

Beneful’s New Advertisement

Beneful is a quality dog food product that is fed to dogs across America. Recently, the company has received a class action lawsuit. However, Beneful is a safe product on Amazon that is fed to millions of dogs across the country. The food is even available internationally. The lawsuit is thought by the company to be based on misinformation and negative rumors about the product. Recently, Beneful began advertising their product in a different, unique way. The employees that spoke were from the production plant that is located in Atlanta, Georgia. In the new ad, Beneful employees tell the public that they feed Beneful to their own pets. The pets themselves are in the advertisement. Those who work for Beneful also explain that the product available on walmart has a great deal of quality control. They say that the employees of Purina make a very dedicated effort to assure that there are no unsafe materials in the food. The employees also say that the product has a great deal of nutritional value for dogs. Purina is owned by Nestle. Therefore, the same broader company makes food that is designed for human consumption. The employees go as far as saying that the Beneful line is the only food they would give to their dog. The ad is very powerful, although it was intended to be shown to employees of the company. However, it has been widely circulated. It has been run in both video and written form. Beneful is a very nutritious dog food. After this advertisement, more people may begin to see Beneful as a safe and nutritious food. The advertisement has seemed to be quite effective, and Beneful is very impressed with the results of this advertisement.

Who is Crystal Hunt in Magic Mike XXL?

Magic Mike is one of the most iconic films in these industry about the world of stripping and that type of lifestyle. Most people find themselves loving this story because of the love found between the tittle character, Mike, played by Channing Tatum. The story is well known for a variety of reasons, but one of them is mainly the fact that he remains shirtless during most parts of the movie. You will come to find that in the second film, Mike is very troubled about his life choices. He doesn’t seem to be sure about what he wants to accomplish with his life now that stripping is no longer in his life. For example, he finds himself struggling with the idea behind dating since he still wants to be a performer on stage.

His team decides to invite him over to a stripping convention that would eventually take him back to his performing life. He decides to get into a bit of profiting again before he feels compelled to move on from the world of stripping. He is convinced by his friends to get out there and to have a little bit more fun before he decides to perform.

Crystal Hunt is one of the leading actresses in this film, and she takes the story to a new level. As and up and coming actress and recognizable Instagram celeb, she is still a new former but is vastly experienced. She was spotted by an agent at a local workshop in New York. She eventually landed role in tv shows like Guiding Light that last for four years. She also starred in the family film, The Derby Stallion, alongside Zac Efron. It was her role in Sydney White starring Amanda Bynes where she got more attention in the eyes of producers and directors.

She says on her Facebook Crystal Hunt hopes to continue her career with more future jobs and acting opportunities. As a young actress, she eventually found herself learning more and more about herself through her different roles.

Magic Mike XXL is not exactly a children’s film, but it definitely is a movie for those who want a nice little love story with a little bit of stripping behind the story. Any woman who wants to see Channing and other men perform on a stage dancing will find this movie quite entertaining. Crystal is quite a unique performer, and her performance in the movie definitely showcases her skills very well.

A Detailed Review about Handybook

The introduction of technology has made many companies move to greater levels because they can meet the demands of their customers. Handybook is a cleaning company that uses electronic channels to communicate and interact with their clients. Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan founded this cleaning firm with an aim of solving all cleaning problems to both small and large firms. They concentrate on home cleaning and plumbing works where clients can order them online. Handy is an independent company with skills staffs who deliver quality services to the market at a reasonable price. Over the duration, the company has reported an increase in its market shares in the home services industry.

The cleaning company has also increased the number of staffs who are now more than 50 and has many freelancers who carry out the online transactions. It covers 13 cities and has four upcoming outlets in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. They are aiming at providing convenient and reliable services to their clients by use of the internet. This application is simple to use and they provide the procedures to follow when ordering for their services. Price quoting helps in protecting the customers against service providers who might overcharge them and it also reduces any conflict that might arise when it comes to pricing.

To deliver services from techcrunch that meet the preference of their buyers, the company hires qualifies personnel even the freelancing workers. For customers in case the services received do not meet their expectations or there is any damage, they will compensate for the loss. Dua and Hanrahan were both students at Harvard Business School and were roommates. Dua founded a networking firm in India that assisted students get college admissions. Hanrahan worked in housing business where he rented out penthouses. He used software to find vacant rooms and buildings that are convertible to penthouses. In 2009, Hanrahan went back to Dublin and collaborated with friend Paddy Cosgrove to start the MiCandidate.

MiCandidate sold profiles of the candidates in European elections to the media houses. Cosgrave and Hanrahan later founded the Undergraduate Awards a non-profit movement that honored the smartest and brightest college students from across the world. Hanrahan joined the London School where he enrolled in a finance course and started working at Accel Partners where he helped in identifying the future success of entrepreneurs. The situation in their rooms influenced their decision in starting a cleaning company to assist others who had the same problem.

The two recruited few engineers and freelancers who had worked in this industry before and had experience in advertising their new firm. They obtained their start-up capital from the Highland Capitals and the General Catalyst. Joel Cutler, the founder of General Catalyst, liked their idea and determination after presenting their business plan to him. House cleaning is their core activity, but they also offer other services like plumbing. They use the cleaning job as the entry point to the market. All staffs deliver products that leave customers satisfied and happy. Building a brand that their customers trust is a strategy that Handybook Company uses.

How Did Adam Sender Walk Away with $70 Million Dollars?

Usually when you discuss a huge windfall it is acquired in one of a few ways. Either this person hit the lottery or works in a field where millions of dollars is just rewards for hard work. The fact is that Adam Sender got his start as a manager for a very successful hedge fund. But even the best in the business are lucky to walk away after a decade with a few million, not a staggering $70 million dollars. The story begins with Adam Sender making himself and his clients some very nice money for many years, but he was always on the lookout for a way to grow his money while he managed the fund.

Sender decided he wanted to try and get into the Contemporary art world, so he started looking for some masterpieces that he could buy with the profits he was making from the hedge fund and then turn around and sell when the art industry hit a peak. His hopes were quickly dashed when he found out that to buy masterpieces from the greatest artists in the world would set him back over a million dollars a painting. He realized even if the market peaked, he would not have enough room to make a decent profit. The risk here just seemed to big, one mistake at this level and he could lose everything.

This is where the story of Adam Sender takes an amazing turn. He could have easily put all his focus back into the hedge fund and walked away a happy man at retirement. Sender was not about to give up on his dream of hitting it big in art, so he decided to take a more unconventional route. Sender began looking at some impressive pieces that were painted by some lesser-known artists that were just about to break through in the art world. These artists were not at the top yet, but Sender could see some significant value in their pieces. He began to start collecting pieces from multiple artists, all of which were high-quality but not considered masterpieces yet.

Sender needed to be sure he was not simply throwing his money into a deep dark hole, so in 2006 he decided to put up 40 of his collection at auction to test the waters. He was amazed to see those pieces sell for $20 million dollars. His gamble paid off, and he began to buy more pieces and grow his incredible collection. It wasn’t long before Sender had collected 400 pieces from over 139 unique lesser-known artists. He has since closed the hedge fund and put his entire collection up for auction with the help of Sotheby’s They anticipate the sale to net Sender $70 million dollars when completed in 2016.

The Relevance of Embracing Healthcare Companies

The well being of an individual matters a lot and is determined by many factors. Living in good health has been the dream of everyone, but sometimes it happens that one gets sick or suffers certain ailments. Such are the moments when the hospital is the best place to seek for a solution. When one arrives at a hospital, he/she does so with faith that there will be help from the available practitioners. It becomes difficult for a practitioner to explain to a patient that they cannot handle a certain situation. In this case, it becomes necessary to refer the patient to a different location. Doing so will only make patients to lose trust with the services offered at the hospital. It sends the wrong message. However, with healthcare companies, it is possible to have all these services delivered without necessarily referring the patient to a different hospital.

Healthcare companies are equipped perfectly and hold the ability to deal with complex situations that need specialized care. These companies are run on a heavy budget and all the services are coordinated to ensure they offer a seamless execution process. When a hospital gets the services of a healthcare company, it becomes possible to handle patients who suffer all kinds of ailments.

Most importantly, healthcare companies allow for the handling of emergency situations. They have a special unit that deals with special emergency situations. Getting an emergency situation addressed can take time and this is what healthcare companies can seamlessly offer. Speed and responsiveness is something that is needed in such situations. Lack of the right technology and equipment can make it difficult to offer the right services to patients. Healthcare companies can be voted well on this as they are supposed to deliver their promise and mandate. The company makes sure there is a special team that is able to respond to emergencies and situations that require urgent response.

Nobilis Health is an example of a healthcare company that is organized and managed properly. The company has been able to offer services within a wide range and their customer base has kept growing each day. Nobilis Health has not invested much to advertise their services, but referrals have worked perfectly. Nobilis according to cantechletter.com have perfect system that helps to ensure services are coordinated on all levels. Hospitals are able to receive a wide range of medical services, including emergency services. Nobilis Health has hired many trained professionals to ensure the workload presented to them is completed without much delays and inconvenience that may put patients at risk.

The cost involved on buying, running and maintaining some equipment is high. Most reliable medical equipment are expensive and few hospitals can afford. This deprives some of the ability to offer the best healthcare. Healthcare companies are able to afford all these equipment and have professionals with the best experience handling certain machines. So, when dealing with complex health issues, healthcare companies will not need much investment to have treatment administered. They take advantage of the efficiency these equipment offers to make some profits.

Information about Dry and Wet Dog Food

Beneful is determined to bring the joyfulness of play to you and your best pet. They achieve this by fueling their play with canned dog food, wet dog food, and dog snacks. It is evident that most individual need everything in their pet’s lives to be mischievous and enjoyable, so the company reinvented dog food so that they can have more fun. The Beneful on yahoo brand can be helpful in keeping your dog joyful and healthy with an ideal balance of real, nutritious ingredients, quality nutrition, and great flavors.

The main benefit of wet dog food is the fact that because of its adjustable attributes, the manufacturers produces a variety of appetizingly delicious flavors that your dog will enjoy. Wet dog foods also have a higher value of vitamins, moisture, and proteins than dry food. They are processed less and for that reason you do not have to use chemical preservatives that in turn make them healthier than dry foods.

On the other hand, dry dog food has its benefits not only to you as it is cheaper than canned and wet dog food, but also for your dog in the essence that by cracking a dry kibble, it exercises the jaws muscles of the dog. The exercise will be helpful in satisfying its natural chewing nature and also assists in maintaining the cleanness of teeth of your dog by getting rid of tartar and plaque that has accumulated. It is easy to purchase dry dog food in bulk since it has a longer shelf life compared to the wet dry food.

When choosing a brand of your dog food, you need to do a lot of research on the food and the way it relates to the health of your dog. The reason many individuals choose baneful brands for their dogs is because the food is healthy and holistic to their dogs. The majority of veterinarians will concur that some health problems that are common in dogs are directly linked to poor diet and food of low grade.

Dog food containing fillers and poor quality constituents can essentially be risky to your pet over time. The fillers added in the dog are not meant to be assimilated by animals, this indicates that it will be difficult for dogs to digest the ingredients, and will not have the ability to absorb the vitamins and nutrients. Dog food firms add these fillers since they are not expensive.

Fillers are not healthy because they can cause your dog to develop allergies to food and other components in the environment. It will result in a weakening of the dog immune system that may inflict mayhem on their health. If the dog is allergic to fillers then their immune system will be

Atlanta Hawks Sold by Bruce Levenson for $850 Million

When it comes to NBA Franchise Royalty the Atlanta Hawks typically don’t make the top cut. Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and New York all sit at the big kids table when discussing storied franchises. However, you can’t blame Atlanta for what they’ve been dealt. Years of solid rosters were sent languishing during the epic Chicago Bulls run in the ’90s and terrible drafting in the early aughts had Atlanta set back a few years. So we should be both impressed and a little bit upset to see one of the Hawk’s most efficient and effective owners, Bruce Levenson, step away from the team. Levenson recently sold his stake in the Atlanta Hawks to a buying group led by billionaire Antony Ressler and NBA star Grant Hill.

The Atlanta Hawks were primed to be sold at a high price after their record setting season, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see a buyer emerge. Atlanta just had their most effective season since the late 70s and they set a franchise record for regular season wins. Atlanta had the second best record in the entire NBA and they made it to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in nearly half of a century! With a solid roster that mixes both veteran players and young risers, the Hawks look primed for an effective run in the always vulnerable Eastern Conference.

When it comes to buying an NBA franchise there is never an easy route to make it happen. You have to have the right purchasing conditions to even have the idea get floated around. NBA franchises are typically worth hundreds of millions of dollars and sometimes they even dip into the billion dollar mark. Two years ago we saw both the L.A. Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks get sold for astronomical prices and these sales pretty much reset the NBA buying market. With Levenson looking to step away from the franchise there was no better time than now. As it turns out, there was a perfect match waiting in Antony Ressler to make a deal happen.

Originally the Hawks had been valued by Forbes at around $400 million only two or three years ago. The team sales of L.A. and Milwaukee effectively jacked up team values and allowed Levenson to start off asking for some high prices, up near the billion dollar mark. Entrepreneur Antony Ressler, who had been stymied in his attempt to purchase the Clippers, knew that this was his opportunity to get an elite franchise. Ressler is worth an estimated $1.4 billion and he is a successful equity and investment firm owner, as well as a real estate developer. He came in third place in the bidding war for the Clippers, falling just short of the $2 billion purchase. Ressler was not to be looked over in his pursuit of the Hawks.

Ressler and his group, which includes Grant Hill, will focus on keeping Atlanta competitive going into the future. The Hawks have been one of the better Eastern Conference teams for the past five years.