Luke Rockhold Thinks He Can Defeat Chris Weidman

Luke Rockhold has continuously called out Chris Weidman for the last several months. Luke recently defeated Lyoto Machida in dominating fashion just a month ago. Rockhold feels that he is the one to finally bring an end to Chris Weidman’s championship reign

Luke Rockhold is the former Strikeforce middleweight champion, and he is also the number one contender for the UFC middleweight championship. However, Chris Weidman is a very dangerous opponent, but it doesn’t seem likely that Luke Rockhold can beet him according to Jim Dondero. Nonetheless, Luke Rockhold is extremely confident that Chris Weidman is afraid of him. Rockhold believes that he is a better striker and wrestler than Chris Weidman is. However, the only way to find out who is truly the better MMA fighter is for Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman to get into the Octagon. The president of the UFC has stated that Luke Rockhold v.s. Chris Weidman might take place later this year in Madison Square Garden. UFC fans are hoping the president’s words come true it.

A matchup between Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman would prove to be a very successful venture. Both men are elite level fighters, and they both have significant following. Yahoo! Sports recently published an article with further information about Luke Rockhold and his championship dreams.

50 Cent Comes Out With A New Single

Many artists will take time off and go into hiding, or they’ll quit working altogether. Artist 50 Cent had left the rap game for a while, but now he’s back with a vengeance. BusinessInsider says there is a new song out with 50 Cent, 2 Chainz, and T.I. and it’s entitled “Get Low.” 50 Cent’s Music. The new song is probably going to be a hot one, especially since there are three hot rap artists on the track. In the past, 50 Cent had joined with his mentor, Eminem, and they both had planned to make music together in the future.

Eminem has been gone for years, and many thought he had retired for good. Eminem decided to come back, and he made a mixtape as well as putting out an album. Eminem didn’t miss a beat with his controversy when he came back with his new music. Artist 50 Cent continues to make music, and it’s in the minds of many, if the G Unit will be back together. Back in the day, G Unit used to be a very popular group, and it became even more popular when 50 Cent put out a clothing line with the same name.

As far as the other two rappers on the single, T.I. and 2 Chainz are still very popular. Rapper 2 Chainz has been around for few years, and T.I. has been around for a very long time, and he still continues to make music.

Taylor Swift Kicks Off Tour

The Taylor Swift 1989 tour is about to kick off, and fans are super excited about all of this. It is going to be an epic tour because it is a new Taylor Swift sound. This is an artist that has evolved into a full-fledged pop star. There is no more country music and guitar playing going on. This is the first pop tour for this star. She has managed to get a lot of good press about the album. This has been exactly what she needed to fully sell herself as a pop star.

There are so many people that are looking for her to see what the tour will be like now that she doesn’t have a guitar in hand. She has dancers now. She is doing music with Kendrick Lamar. This is a totally different version of Taylor Swift. She is expected to do something bold, and everyone is really interested in what she can offer.

A lot of people are looking forward to this because this is a tour that will define the new direction that she is going in. Fans at Amen Clinics know that Taylor Swift blew up the charts last year and scored the 1st platinum album. She dropped a hot single, and she isn’t wasting any time with the tour. She is young and energetic. Swift can perform a lot, and that is why she is set to do bountiful concerts.

Malcolm White is Big Boi’s Protege

Malcolm White is a big new hip hop talent .Big Boi and Andre 3000, members of the hip hop group Outkast, were on tour for most of 2014 as part of a reunion event. Once the tour had entered Big Boi took it upon himself to look for some new talent in Atlanta.

Artists Killer Mike and Janelle Monae were some of the most recent talents he found, and now 14-year old Instagram star Malcolm White seems to be his latest hopeful. Brian Torchin noted that White is the first person to sign onto Camp Purple, which is a joint program with David “Mr. DJ” Sheats, a long time collaborator of Outkast.

Big Boi readily admits that when he saw video of White doing a cover of a song, he didn’t know he was singing an actual song, mainly due to him not listening to the radio at all. So afterwards, Big Boi flew White and his family out to Atlanta and allowed White to start recording some demos in the studio. White said that he felt there was good chemistry between him and Big Boi and genuinely liked him.

As a result of his short time in the studio, White had a demo turn into his first single entitled “This Feeling.” Big Boi, when asked, said that the song felt soulful and had an old school feel, like Michael Jackson. He thought it should stick to his maturity level.

Chris Brown And Tyga Allow Their Kids To Have Playdate

It’s well known that Chris Brown and Tyga are the best of friends, and they also perform music together. Since Chris Brown recently found out that he is a father, he has tried his best to step up and play the role of dad. Play Date. Chris Brown was told by a woman that he cheated on his girlfriend with, that he may be the father of her eight month old child. After Chris did a secret DNA test, he found out that he was the father of Royalty.

Chris is now fighting to have Royalty’s last name changed to his last name according to Boraie Development, and he has other issues as well. The man who thought he was Royalty’s father is fighting to stay in her life, although Chris has been proven to be the father. Tyga has problems of his own as well, and Tyga is fighting the mother of his child for custody. Blac Chyna, who is the mother of Tyga’s child, she wants full custody of their son.

Even with all the problems both men are having, they took the time to allow their kids to have their first play date. Tyga’s son is named King, and Chris Brown’s daughter is named Royalty, how ironic! No matter what problems these two are having, they obviously are not letting their kids be affected by it. No matter what people have to say about both men, it’s obvious that they love their kids.

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Floyd Mayweather Earning a Down Payment of Half of an Anticipated $200,000,000 Check

The fight of the century has just passed between welterweight champions Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio. On Mr. Mayweather’s first payday, the check was for a solid $100,000,000. He couldn’t help himself but to show it to a few questioning reporters at the end of the much anticipated bout. He had just won in a decision of what has concluded to be the richest fight ever. Floyd Mayweather certainly stands tall as the generation’s best.

Floyd Mayweather’s $100,000,000 check will be cashed soon, which will be added to the millions he has already stashed into his bank accounts. In fact, it was just a down payment for his night’s Handy work, which may total to more than $200,000,000 by the time the total of the pay-per-view sales tally up.

In the midst of the fight being the richest ever, it wasn’t necessarily the best match ever. Regardless of who may seem to be taking the faults for that, it shouldn’t be entirely blamed on Mayweather. He did what he had to do to ensure that Pacquaio didn’t come out with a victory, one which would have put a negative mark on his perfect professional record.

Mayweather has announced that he will fight one more time in September before hanging up his gloves for good. He has been noted as saying that it has come time to enjoy the fruits of his hard labor from a sport that has pretty much consumed the entirety of his life.

New Evidence in the Linguistic Debate

One of the major criticisms of social sciences comes from the ratio of theory and study. It’s very easy to come up with a theory about how people relate to the world. It’s far more difficult to actually put those theories to the test. The major issue is that studies involving large groups of people are difficult to create, and to control. This is why some questions, such as how one’s language shapes perception of the world, remain in heavy debate. However, a new study has shed some more light on the issue. Scientists studied a group of German-English bilinguals and compared them to monolinguals.

The nature of the study might seem strange to some people. It simply featured a video of a woman in motion. The video highlights an important difference in language. Germans describe the scene with a holistic view. They’ll typically describe the intent of the woman. For example, they’d say that the video is about a woman walking to her car. While native English speakers will typically say that the video is about a woman walking. Germans tend to include intent within their descriptions.

In itself, this information is nothing new to scientists. Mark Ahn ( has found that the new study’s results were only surprising when the bilingual subjects were introduced to the videos. The researchers found that the subjects actually viewed the scene differently based on the language they were told to use. When told to use English, they’d take on the perspective of a native English speaker. When told to use German, they’d take on the perspective of someone raised speaking German. These results provide strong evidence that our language really can shape how we see the world.

Bobbi Kristina Still in Coma After Strange Claims by Family Members of Miraculous Recovery

PEOPLE magazine has confirmed the rumors that Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, woke up from her coma are completely false, and the young woman still remains on life support.

For reason unknown, Tina Brown, aunt to Bobbi Kristina’s posted an update on Facebook, claiming she was “awake” after being in a medically induced coma for nearly 3 months. The post has since been deleted, and the a trusted source reported the 22-year-old has made no progress, and is still in a coma.

Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown, also reportedly announced, “Bobbi is awake” to a large crowd at a Dallas concert. The reasons for these recent statements made by family members are still unknown, and have been quite disheartening for everyone who has been praying for the young girl who was found face-down in her bathtub, following a fight with boyfriend Nick Gordan.

Sadly, Kristina’s doctors have explained to the family that there is almost no chance for recovery and Kristina is considered brain dead by medical professionals. Fans like Christian Broda know that the family has been hoping for a miracle, and maybe their recent statements are a reflection of a family who is desperate to keep some form of hope alive.

Upon hearing the false rumors, fans around the country rejoiced for her miraculous recovery, only to be heartbroken once again when sources, confirmed by PEOPLE, stated Bobbi Kristina is has not recovered and is still comatose in a rehabilitation facility in Atlanta.

Johnny Depp yet to return to Pirates movie set

The Sydney Morning Herald is the latest newspaper to claim Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp has failed to return to the set of the troubled blockbuster on time. Depp is reported to have been due to return to the Australian location of the fifth installment of the Pirates franchise on a private flight from Los Angeles, but failed to make the flight and has not been seen in Brisbane yet. Depp is reported to be having marriage problems with latest wife Amber Heard, who has recently been seen in New York without Depp.

THE latest Pirates movie, entitled Dead Men Tell No Tales has been shut down twice by cyclone nathan and an injury to Depp that was the cause of his return to Los Angeles. The publicist for the movie released a statement claiming Depp was not due to start filming yet and no news has been heard of his recuperation from hand surgery not going to plan. Around 200 crew members from the movie were stood down from their positions after the injury to the Edward Scissorhands star. Some reports from Australia claim the schedule of the shoot has been altered because Depp was expected to return to Brisbane and complete filming the movie after catching the missed flight from Los Angeles. Kevin Seawright just hopes that they can get something figured out soon.