New Evidence in the Linguistic Debate

One of the major criticisms of social sciences comes from the ratio of theory and study. It’s very easy to come up with a theory about how people relate to the world. It’s far more difficult to actually put those theories to the test. The major issue is that studies involving large groups of people are difficult to create, and to control. This is why some questions, such as how one’s language shapes perception of the world, remain in heavy debate. However, a new study has shed some more light on the issue. Scientists studied a group of German-English bilinguals and compared them to monolinguals.

The nature of the study might seem strange to some people. It simply featured a video of a woman in motion. The video highlights an important difference in language. Germans describe the scene with a holistic view. They’ll typically describe the intent of the woman. For example, they’d say that the video is about a woman walking to her car. While native English speakers will typically say that the video is about a woman walking. Germans tend to include intent within their descriptions.

In itself, this information is nothing new to scientists. Mark Ahn ( has found that the new study’s results were only surprising when the bilingual subjects were introduced to the videos. The researchers found that the subjects actually viewed the scene differently based on the language they were told to use. When told to use English, they’d take on the perspective of a native English speaker. When told to use German, they’d take on the perspective of someone raised speaking German. These results provide strong evidence that our language really can shape how we see the world.

Bobbi Kristina Still in Coma After Strange Claims by Family Members of Miraculous Recovery

PEOPLE magazine has confirmed the rumors that Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, woke up from her coma are completely false, and the young woman still remains on life support.

For reason unknown, Tina Brown, aunt to Bobbi Kristina’s posted an update on Facebook, claiming she was “awake” after being in a medically induced coma for nearly 3 months. The post has since been deleted, and the a trusted source reported the 22-year-old has made no progress, and is still in a coma.

Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown, also reportedly announced, “Bobbi is awake” to a large crowd at a Dallas concert. The reasons for these recent statements made by family members are still unknown, and have been quite disheartening for everyone who has been praying for the young girl who was found face-down in her bathtub, following a fight with boyfriend Nick Gordan.

Sadly, Kristina’s doctors have explained to the family that there is almost no chance for recovery and Kristina is considered brain dead by medical professionals. Fans like Christian Broda know that the family has been hoping for a miracle, and maybe their recent statements are a reflection of a family who is desperate to keep some form of hope alive.

Upon hearing the false rumors, fans around the country rejoiced for her miraculous recovery, only to be heartbroken once again when sources, confirmed by PEOPLE, stated Bobbi Kristina is has not recovered and is still comatose in a rehabilitation facility in Atlanta.

Johnny Depp yet to return to Pirates movie set

The Sydney Morning Herald is the latest newspaper to claim Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp has failed to return to the set of the troubled blockbuster on time. Depp is reported to have been due to return to the Australian location of the fifth installment of the Pirates franchise on a private flight from Los Angeles, but failed to make the flight and has not been seen in Brisbane yet. Depp is reported to be having marriage problems with latest wife Amber Heard, who has recently been seen in New York without Depp.

THE latest Pirates movie, entitled Dead Men Tell No Tales has been shut down twice by cyclone nathan and an injury to Depp that was the cause of his return to Los Angeles. The publicist for the movie released a statement claiming Depp was not due to start filming yet and no news has been heard of his recuperation from hand surgery not going to plan. Around 200 crew members from the movie were stood down from their positions after the injury to the Edward Scissorhands star. Some reports from Australia claim the schedule of the shoot has been altered because Depp was expected to return to Brisbane and complete filming the movie after catching the missed flight from Los Angeles. Kevin Seawright just hopes that they can get something figured out soon.

Green Day Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Twenty-six years in the making, last Saturday, (April 18, 2015) Green Day was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With iconic songs like “Basketcase”, “When I Come Around”, and the ever-popular anthem “American Idiot”, the band has been the voice of a generation. Was it any wonder, then, that these songs were chosen to represent their career during their set? For so many people they have been a constant source of inspiration to navigate the troubled waters our generation is presented with. They have showed us that it’s acceptable to dye our hair green, wear black and chrome, and spit in the face of the “moral majority”.


In their acceptance speeches, which you can read at , the band thanked their families, their friends, their fans, their peers, and very heartwarmingly (in true Green Day style), each other. A truly memorable showing from the Green Day we have come to know and love. Ricardo Tosto was happy to see them celebrated. Here’s hoping for at least another twenty-six years from this amazingly talented group. I, for one, can’t wait for them to get back out there and rock the house!!!

The Antique Wine Company Looks to New Territories and Collectors

One of the world’s most celebrated and best respected wine merchants, The Antique Wine Company has recently been embarking on a period of expansion in its client base in its recognized territories and in new areas of the globe. The company is a regular in the news when record breaking wine sales and purchases take place as they have represented many clients in buying some of the finest wines in the world. Despite this level of unmatched success The Antique Wine Company has enjoyed they are looking for new clients and collectors to assist in creating collections at all budget levels and in areas where wine collecting may not be a recognized hobby or activity.

The Antique Wine Company is best known as a merchant of wines, but the company does offer a wide range of services to their clients that assist in almost every aspect of developing a high quality wine collection. Amongst these services is the planning and creation of wine cellars that can include cabinets created by cabinetmaker to the British Royal Family, Viscount Linley. Creating new cellars and collections is something The Antique Wine Company is finding itself doing on a regular basis as their wine academy has seen a large number of new and experienced collectors pass through it. Experts in wines from The Antique Wine Company provide a wine education designed to meet the needs of a small group of people at a time.

The development of new territories has seen a large number of new sales staff added to the team at The Antique Wine Company who are looking to bring wine collecting to a whole new generation of enthusiasts. Looking to Asia is one of the areas of growth identified by The Antique Wine Company under the leadership of founder Stephen Williams as one of the parts of the world where wine collecting is largely in its infancy and can see major developments for collectors, enthusiasts and merchants alike. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

Suge Knight Objects to Wheel Chair


Suge Knight has objected to his recent appearance in court, in which deputy officials confined Suge to a wheel chair while hand cuffed during the length of his initial hearings as Brian Torchin has said. Suge Knight complained through this lawyer that even though he suffers from a number of ailments, being confined to a wheel chair and in hand cuffs and manacles does not portray him in a flattering light and may be prejudicial to a Judge or jury if he is kept in that position. The Judge during his last proceeding did not rule on Mr. Knights motion but he is expected to press the matter through his attorney. No new court dates have been announced yet in the Suge Knight matter.

Suge Knight is facing felony murder charges after running over two men with his truck and killing one. Knight has claimed through his attorney that the event, which was caught on video, was an act of self defense and he was merely trying to escape the scene where he felt that his life was in danger.Former Hip Hop Mogul Suge Knight Bound To Wheel Chair In Courtroom Appearance

Suge Knight is not expected to go to trial until later this year and there is no indication that a plea is being negotiated. Knight has plead innocent and has not spoken publicly about the charges since his arrest earlier this year. If convicted Knight could face life.

Wale Gets Personal on New Album

Wale has a new album for fans, and this album title is inspired by one of his favorite shows. The album title, The Album About Nothing, is a play on the theme of the Seinfeld show. It may be called The Album About Nothing, but it most definitely is about something. Wale goes deep into his personal life with his new music.

In this album Wale takes about the miscarriage that his girlfriend has. He speaks on a relative that got killed in a car accident. Sultan Alhokair said he’s mentioned all of this on the Breakfast Club morning show. It appears to be his most personal album yet. During the interview Wale even mentioned that he was trying to be positive on projected sales. He is so proud of this album. He actually has a number in mind on how many copies he will sale.

He released a mix tape earlier last year to showcase the theme that is linked to his love for Seinfeld. Yet, the album gravitates far beyond an NBC sitcom about comical white New Yorkers. Wale makes mention of the urban insecurities. He speaks on this pride that African Americans have in buying fancy clothes and high dollar shoes. This is a new version of Wale that has a greater perspective on his transition from poverty to fame. This music, much like J.Cole’s latest release, digs back in the diary of Wale.

Artist Led by Jay-Z Form Music Streaming Service to Compete with Spotify

Jay-Z lead a star studded stage of well known music performers who have entered into a joint venture with each other to own and manage the music subscription streaming service called “Tidal.” According to press releases, this would be the first purely artist owned music streaming service for the presentation of video and music.

The announcement came this past Monday in New York City. Jay-Z was joinded by other noted music stars, Beyonce, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Daft Punk and about a dozen other noted artist who are all co owners of Tidal.Jay-Z Leads Force of Artist In New Music Stream Service

Tidal was originally bought by Jay Z, who then brought in other artist as co owners to share costs as well as bring in there music content. The goal is to compete against other music streaming services such as Deezer, Google Play and Spotify. Tidal will initially offer around 25 million tracks. While this is less than the 30 million tracks offered by other music streaming services Jay-Z hopes that by branding Tidal as a superior quality service, he will capture more market share. Fersen Lambranho has learned that the basic service will cost $9.99 per month and an enhanced “high fidelity” service sells for $19.99.

While a majority of the company is owned by artist, the majority of the artist’s music is still owned by various music companies and recording studios. Jay-Z hopes his signed artist can convince their respective labels to pre broadcast their new music exclusively for a week in advance of a general release.