Skout Invents Fun And Flirty Dating Services

Educating prospective members is an integral component of Skout’s mission and philosophy. Currently the lead provider of online dating services on, this popular company seeks to share the knowledge of innovative flirty features and tools with young individuals worldwide. Essentially, their well proven business model plays an important role in their gradual growth and expansion. As a revolutionary company, co-owners Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom are often presented with the opportunity to invent new dating applications, which has greatly contributed to their comprehensive database of over 10 million active members. Most importantly, these creative entrepreneurs truly understand the value of implementing a fun dating portal and strongly believe that the effective education of their business philosophy will result in highly satisfied users.

Wiklund and Lindstrom’s primary objective is to promote their
interactive dating platform to individuals worldwide. Therefore, these innovative businessmen strive to develop enticing applications which appeal to millennials in a variety of states and countries. Along with implementing fun dating tools, the company also emphasizes generalized user location. Remarkably, Skout is consistently recognized as the premier location-based social networking website.

The uniqueness of Skout’s services lies in their distinguished ability to connect members with romantic interests all across the globe. In fact, the recent development of their travel feature encourages users to embark on imaginary journeys in their online friend’s home town. Afterwards, many individuals choose to turn their virtual trips into real-life vacations. In these cases, the member has the opportunity to meet their love interests in person. Notably, this tool is ideal for users who enjoy participating in pretend adventures and for those who would like to receive contacts for their actual planned trip.

In 2014, Skout acquired Nixter which is a social networking
application supported by $22 million from seed investors. Originally invented in Chile, the feature operates in three metropolitan locations including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. Although Nixter functions as a separate application and brand, Skout has successfully integrated their concept into their dating platform. Essentially, this new feature enables outgoing individuals to search for event tickets, bottle services and reservations for nightclubs and bars. Moreover, this is the perfect application for romantic pursuers who would like to plan a fun evening for their date. Remarkably, with the integration of Nixter, Skout has obtained a stronger and loyal member base.

To complement the location based features, Skout provides users with fun tools to enhance their flirty interactions. By clicking on a user’s profile, members can “favorite,” “wink,” or chat with an appealing person. Interestingly, the “Shake to Chat,” features quickly connects individuals to members who are simultaneously shaking their phone. The randomness of this tool attracts many users who are actively seeking a romantic partner. In addition, Skouters may also send virtual gifts to each other and leave comments or “likes” on a member’s profile. Moreover, users will also receive notifications when someone views their pictures and when a member is near their geographic location.

Be your own man

In order for one to be an entrepreneur, one has to know the right steps to become an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most crucial steps for being an entrepreneur. One of the things that could determine the trial and error stage is the steps one takes in becoming an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship requires a lot of risk, and yields big rewards. There is also a lot of stress and uncertainty that comes with being an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is also prone to depression. Fortunately, the following steps found in this WikiHow article will reveal the proper steps to becoming an entrepreneur.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, it is important that one examine his priorities. It is important that one knows what he truly wants. He also must know what he needs to get what he wants. One must also take a look at his personality. Not all personalities are good for being an entrepreneur. For one thing, entrepreneurs have to be very responsible for everything with no back up. Being able to interact with people is also a requirement for many entrepreneurs. However, one could also work from the Internet. Other key personality traits is the ability to handle failure and the will to provide solutions to problems and be creative.

Other things that need to be done is a listing of strength. setting of foundations and a research of market. One can’t start off being an entrepreneur blindfolded. He has to make sure to work out a lot of the steps before he can get started. Even then, there is a high chance for failure. So one has to be ready to go through long periods of frustration and failure. There is also a lot of hard work and focus that is needed for one to actually succeed as an entrepreneur. One also has to be teachable because there are plenty of successful entrepreneurs that could teach a lot to the newcomer.

One of these successful entrepreneurs is Marc Sparks. He has put in the work and brought forth the investments. He has eventually made a return on all the work he has done and puts it towards the community such as giving to the poor. For one thing, he understands that being all business can suck the life out of the entrepreneur. Marc values people, not just as potential customers, but as people in and of themselves. He does not look at the circumstances of people. He understands that he could have been like them. One of the reasons he took on his pursuits as an entrepreneur is that he wanted to be able to help people who need them. He is also putting forth efforts to help out other entrepreneurs as they figure out the steps needed to run a successful business which include getting capital, putting together a business plan and many other steps.

Ken Griffin Has His Head in the Game

As mentioned in a Wall Street Journal original report, Kenneth Griffin knows he’s a billionaire, but what he doesn’t know is if he’s been successful, and he says he won’t know that for some time. His work with Citadel and hedge funds remains to be evaluated over the long term, as the financial upheaval in 2008 was something that he did not see coming. As one of his friends told him, the time to evaluate his success of that difficult time will need to wait to be determined.

Ken Griffin is certain of a couple of things, though. He stinks at golf and doesn’t look like a movie star, so his chance to grow as a person will come from his work. After all, he doesn’t need to work for the money anymore, so his professional motivation is possibly best described as a way to obtain self-actualization.

Hoping that he and Citadel can create wealth for stakeholders when times are good and create wealth for stakeholders when times are bad, Griffin seems to understand his mission. One of the ways that he hopes to help his company develop is through the mining of information and expertise of mathematical techniques such as those used by By bringing on a staff member who has worked on the logistics of successful call routing in the call center of the company, Griffin hopes to extract insights that may be applicable to growing business practices in financial markets. How can things be done better and with better results for the client?

Griffin is keeping his eye on the future through this type of innovation as well as through a long-term view of issues in market volatility in China. A business person who describes himself as being keenly and regularly aware of the sacrifices of America’s founding fathers, the American political scene, and the cultural tone of the Chinese regime, he expects to continue to contribute funds to make an impact in backing American politicians whom he values as well as to seeing China become a meaningful business partner in the next decade.

Yet, with all of the high-powered projections and aspirations, Griffin is just like so many Americans today, in the midst of marital dissolution and hungry for McDonalds. While he stresses that in spite of attacks in the public relations realm on his character from the media lately that the most important thing is that his children know they are loved by both of their parents, he can move from deep, he has been known to taking a walk with business associates to the golden arches with regularity.

It took time for him to gain back the ground which was lost from 2008’s financial woes, but he is in an aggressive push to keep the momentum going, and his thick skin should serve him well, as he learned long ago to not let either the good or the bad go to one’s head.

Residential Projects Will Help Raise the Profile of NJ’s Newark


Anyone who has ever played Sim City knows that in order for industry and commercial businesses to survive you have to have residents. However, attracting residents to a city is a harder task then just placing a building. Newark has learned this lesson the hard way as the largest city in New Jersey is finally getting into position to build the profile of their city. According to an article published in NJ Biz, the city has finally realized that one large residential building will not be enough to attract residents, because those same residents want choices not just tossed into one large spot.

As a result, there are now five to ten major projects in construction or in the pipeline in Newark and executive vice president of Boraie Development, Wasseem Boraie, stated that this is just what the city needs. According to Boraie, one big project is not enough to show all of the potential in the city, but a host of new projects shows that the city is going somewhere. Boraie Development is building its own contribution to the city, a 168 unit high rise over on Rector Street and Boraie is confident that now the administration is moving in the right direction by offering plenty of choices.

Boraie Development is not the only crew in town, as several others are also building residential buildings which plenty of industry insiders say is why the city has not been able to offer a better real estate market. At the Newark CRE Summit this past week commercial real estate leaders sat down to discuss economic development in Newark. The panel looked at investment and construction and stated that it needed a fresh infusion of multiple projects. While it will take time for the projects to get completed, the same strategy has already been successful in New Brunswick and Jersey City so it is definitely worth waiting for the results.

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Michael Jackson Lives On!

Michael Jackson was an icon of our time- he invented an entire genre of music and way of dancing. He was always known for his personal style, which was always dramatic and flashy. His pizazz and sparkling personality were what separated him from the crowd and inspired many to follow in his footsteps to make his memory live on. The original Michael Jackson is immortalized through his videos, music, and recorded live performances. Now, his true fans can enjoy his legacy and pass it along through interpretive dance and live performances.

One notable performer is Sergio Cortes (YouTube) from South America. He has recreated the original look of Michael Jackson in perfect form- Cortes now looks identical to Jackson. The resemblance is not only striking, but a even a die-hard fan would have a hard time telling them apart. Cortes is a passionate performer that Jackson himself would most likely be proud of. He is currently touring Italy with a show called the “Human Nature Live Show”. The show features musicians, vocalists, dancers, and lights- the full works. Fans can come see a realistic tribute to Michael Jackson and remember his legacy with a professional show.

Sergio Cortes (Twitter) is a fantastic live act. He performs famous and recognizable songs like “Black Or White” and “Thriller” that the whole family will enjoy. Every single performance is accompanied with dancing in the classic style of Michael Jackson. Immortalizing the King Of Pop has now been achieved through the work of Sergio Cortes and a few other famous Jackson impersonators. Instead of acting as phony imposters, these people do the world a great service by allowing fans to come together to celebrate the life of someone that changed the world. By recognizing the culture that Jackson constantly created through his performances, artists like Cortes can follow in his footsteps and make a name for themselves and their own personal talent as well. The raw passion that Michael Jackson contributed to the world lives on in the hearts of his fans and his performance followers.

Michael Jackson’s back! with Sergio Cortés

What’s the name of that song dad?
“Beat it” sweetheart, by Michael Jackson. Great tune! Do you like it?
Oh yeah!, I heard of him but he passed.
Yes he did and he was great! They called him “The king of pop” and though he is no longer with us he left behind a great legacy.
As I was trying to demonstrate my daughter a halfhearted version of the “moonwalk”, executed on a recently cleaned carpet. I could see I was making a fool of myself. And then, the static shock hit me…Well, it hurt! Though she enjoyed my little show, it was obvious I wasn’t even close to get it right. Blame it to extra pounds. If I was just a number of years and for that effect, pounds younger, it’s a piece of cake!
Point in track is that, as difficult as it might seem, there is a number of people who can do more than just the famous Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalk”…. no static shocking effect included, well maybe …if it can be worked out on stage. In the old good days of late 80’s up to mid 90’s, everyone around wanted to be Michael Jackson. Some were better than others in the looks department while others were just as good, at mimicking his dance moves. Others, which I never came across while growing up, excelled in all aspects and became real pros making their look alike, and dance talents a life changing career experience.
Kenny Wizz from Los Angeles became so good at it that, for a number of years, he performed at the Riviera Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. Andre Santisi from Germany began doing it since 1996. Pavel Talalaev, he is the number one in his native Russia and lastly, Sergio Cortés Parra (YouTube) from Barcelona, Spain. He is considered, the best Michael Jackson’s impersonator there is.

Cortés admiration for the pop star started at a very young age, his mother would point out that his dance moves resembled that of Michael Jackson, at the time with The Jackson 5. He started his professional impersonation career as a result of Jackson’s change of looks and skin color. He recalls being stopped by a Spaniard magazine reporter for an interview and a photo shoot session. After his magazine appearance, Cortés was contacted by a Swiss company which at the time, was promoting Michael Jackson’s line of perfume products in Spain. The rest is history. His natural resemblance to the later looks of Jackson, “a privilege” as he puts it, is also matched with his natural ability to dance and sing exactly like Michael Jackson, using the same voice tone and pitch. It gained him a number of appearances. He can sing acapella songs just as good as his idol.
Michael Jackson’s pass, brought Cortés (Twitter) so much disappointment, that he decided to end his career cutting his hair short, but after many requests to come back, he reconsidered and returned to his fans, giving various shows and performances. The most notorious was recently hosted at the teatro Linear4Ciak in Milan, Italy this past June 25, 2015. Cortés delivered an outstanding tribute concert having all the show elements needed to mimic Jackson’s live performances and on the same day of his sudden death, 6 years ago. It was his first appearance in Milan. Fans of Cortés are not just a handful bunch. They count over 17000 followers on his facebook account, a number surpassing his closest facebook counterpart Kenny Wizz who has a little over 4000 followers. All followers agree he is as good as he can be in keeping Jackson’s legacy real.They all love his talent as if he really was “The king of pop”, who maybe is back from a really long nap.
If I had the chance to see Cortés in a live performance, I would make sure to take my daughter with me. Maybe then, I can moonwalk all over again…no static shock I hope.

Love Can Be Found All Over

Online dating has really become the norm in societies across the world. After all, people are so busy! It’s truly difficult to find the time and get out there and get to know someone. Not only that, but dating someone face to face can be a terrifying experience. It’s difficult to work up the courage to approach someone and ask them out on a date. What if there is rejection? What if the person is taken? What if you make a fool out of yourself? Online dating takes away the scary part of dating.

Unfortunately, many online dating apps have their downfalls. For one, they all focus in on users that live in the same state and sometimes the same city! How boring that gets. The most exciting fact about online dating is that you can really use it to connect with almost anyone. Users get to meet people they never would have otherwise. There is one online dating website out there that is going further than others. AnastasiaDate is really pushing the envelope in online dating. They are connecting users internationally!

This is really becoming the way of the future. As people grow and expand, they want an online dating platform will do the same. So many people have wondered what it’s like to date someone of a different race or ethnicity. Now, they don’t have to wonder. They have an app right at their fingertips that will literally connect them with a user from anywhere in the world. Many men have wondered what it would be like to date a Russian woman and now they don;t have to wonder anymore.

This app lets users connect internationally. It then takes that a step further. They can chat on messenger, video chat, share pictures, and really form a bond. If this bond seems like something that could turn into a lasting relationship then they can choose to meet. Meeting and developing a relationship with someone internationally is really a beautiful thing. A person gets to learn a new culture, a new way of life, and essentially a whole new way of falling in love. All cultures do love differently and it’s really exciting meeting someone and seeing just how different it is.

Overall, this app is growing and with it, more users are catching on. At last check there were over 4,000,000 users. People are catching on that there is more to life than dating someone within the same city.

Star Trek Bringing A Lucky Fan to The Silver Screen

Do you dare to boldly go where no one has gone before? Have you ever dreamed of walking onboard the Enterprise and taking a seat in that famed captain’s chair? The next film in the Star Trek franchise is entitled Star Trek Beyond and is expected to release July 2016. Though we don’t yet know the general plot for this next installment of fantasy wonder, we do know something else that will get your blood boiling.

In a very recent development and partnership with Omaze a campaign has been launched to allow one lucky participant to have a walk-on role in the upcoming Star Trek movie. Whoever wins this exclusive spot will me getting an authentic Star Trek makeover from makeup to wardrobe. Super fans like Zeca Oliveira know that this campaign has been named Star Trek: To Boldly Go and supports 9 organizations worldwide. To enter this contest, participants simply have to donate $10.

This contest has a number of prizes, from autographed memorabilia to posters to private screening invitations or a replica of the captain’s chair. This contest is similar to the Force for Change initiative and is a great way to raise money for a good cause.

With the cast of Star Trek making our dreams a reality, the sky’s the limit.

BET and Bounce TV Pull Cosby Show Episodes

Bill Cosby has been at the center of a controversy for several months now, ever since Hannibal Burress brought allegations about Cosby to light during a comedy show in Philidelphia last fall. Cosby and his lawyers have long stated that the allegations and the inquisition regarding them were an invasion of the privacy of a much-beloved icon. Most infamously Cosby and his wife accused an AP reporter of unprofessionalism when he brought up the subject during an interview. Most suspiciously Cosby has never denied the accusations nor has he tried to give an explanation, instead he has constantly used his status as an icon to explain why it is no one’s business according to Brad Reifler.

In the last few days, further evidence has surfaced that indicates that these allegations are true, and as a result, both BET and Bounce TV have decided to pull shows that include Bill Cosby. Bounce TV, which includes Martin Luther King III and Andrew Young among its co-founders has decided to pull Cosby from its schedule. Cosby aired from 1996-2000. BET also announced their decision to pull The Cosby Show, which aired for more than a decade, and is Bill Cosby’s most famous tv show.

The decision to pull the shows is unsurprising, as many people have expressed the opinion that since hearing about the allegations they have a much harder time watching shows and commercials that feature the 77-year-old comedian. There is no data on whether or not viewership of Cosby’s shows plummeted since the allegation first surfaced, but it is likely that the decision to pull the shows is based on more than just politics or outrage against the allegations. It is likely that these networks are anticipating that as word of the new findings gets out, fewere people will watch these shows, causing advertising revenue to drop.

Rick Ross Springs Self From Jail With Strict Bail Terms

It took some time, but Rick Ross has finally managed to pony up his bail money so that he can get released until his trial is complete. Ross was in jail on charges for kidnapping and assault, but was able to pull to together $2 million dollars for his bond following his bond hearing which took place in Fayette County, GA says Amen Clinic.