Love Can Be Found All Over

Online dating has really become the norm in societies across the world. After all, people are so busy! It’s truly difficult to find the time and get out there and get to know someone. Not only that, but dating someone face to face can be a terrifying experience. It’s difficult to work up the courage to approach someone and ask them out on a date. What if there is rejection? What if the person is taken? What if you make a fool out of yourself? Online dating takes away the scary part of dating.

Unfortunately, many online dating apps have their downfalls. For one, they all focus in on users that live in the same state and sometimes the same city! How boring that gets. The most exciting fact about online dating is that you can really use it to connect with almost anyone. Users get to meet people they never would have otherwise. There is one online dating website out there that is going further than others. AnastasiaDate is really pushing the envelope in online dating. They are connecting users internationally!

This is really becoming the way of the future. As people grow and expand, they want an online dating platform will do the same. So many people have wondered what it’s like to date someone of a different race or ethnicity. Now, they don’t have to wonder. They have an app right at their fingertips that will literally connect them with a user from anywhere in the world. Many men have wondered what it would be like to date a Russian woman and now they don;t have to wonder anymore.

This app lets users connect internationally. It then takes that a step further. They can chat on messenger, video chat, share pictures, and really form a bond. If this bond seems like something that could turn into a lasting relationship then they can choose to meet. Meeting and developing a relationship with someone internationally is really a beautiful thing. A person gets to learn a new culture, a new way of life, and essentially a whole new way of falling in love. All cultures do love differently and it’s really exciting meeting someone and seeing just how different it is.

Overall, this app is growing and with it, more users are catching on. At last check there were over 4,000,000 users. People are catching on that there is more to life than dating someone within the same city.

Star Trek Bringing A Lucky Fan to The Silver Screen

Do you dare to boldly go where no one has gone before? Have you ever dreamed of walking onboard the Enterprise and taking a seat in that famed captain’s chair? The next film in the Star Trek franchise is entitled Star Trek Beyond and is expected to release July 2016. Though we don’t yet know the general plot for this next installment of fantasy wonder, we do know something else that will get your blood boiling.

In a very recent development and partnership with Omaze a campaign has been launched to allow one lucky participant to have a walk-on role in the upcoming Star Trek movie. Whoever wins this exclusive spot will me getting an authentic Star Trek makeover from makeup to wardrobe. Super fans like Zeca Oliveira know that this campaign has been named Star Trek: To Boldly Go and supports 9 organizations worldwide. To enter this contest, participants simply have to donate $10.

This contest has a number of prizes, from autographed memorabilia to posters to private screening invitations or a replica of the captain’s chair. This contest is similar to the Force for Change initiative and is a great way to raise money for a good cause.

With the cast of Star Trek making our dreams a reality, the sky’s the limit.

BET and Bounce TV Pull Cosby Show Episodes

Bill Cosby has been at the center of a controversy for several months now, ever since Hannibal Burress brought allegations about Cosby to light during a comedy show in Philidelphia last fall. Cosby and his lawyers have long stated that the allegations and the inquisition regarding them were an invasion of the privacy of a much-beloved icon. Most infamously Cosby and his wife accused an AP reporter of unprofessionalism when he brought up the subject during an interview. Most suspiciously Cosby has never denied the accusations nor has he tried to give an explanation, instead he has constantly used his status as an icon to explain why it is no one’s business according to Brad Reifler.

In the last few days, further evidence has surfaced that indicates that these allegations are true, and as a result, both BET and Bounce TV have decided to pull shows that include Bill Cosby. Bounce TV, which includes Martin Luther King III and Andrew Young among its co-founders has decided to pull Cosby from its schedule. Cosby aired from 1996-2000. BET also announced their decision to pull The Cosby Show, which aired for more than a decade, and is Bill Cosby’s most famous tv show.

The decision to pull the shows is unsurprising, as many people have expressed the opinion that since hearing about the allegations they have a much harder time watching shows and commercials that feature the 77-year-old comedian. There is no data on whether or not viewership of Cosby’s shows plummeted since the allegation first surfaced, but it is likely that the decision to pull the shows is based on more than just politics or outrage against the allegations. It is likely that these networks are anticipating that as word of the new findings gets out, fewere people will watch these shows, causing advertising revenue to drop.

Rick Ross Springs Self From Jail With Strict Bail Terms

It took some time, but Rick Ross has finally managed to pony up his bail money so that he can get released until his trial is complete. Ross was in jail on charges for kidnapping and assault, but was able to pull to together $2 million dollars for his bond following his bond hearing which took place in Fayette County, GA says Amen Clinic.

Kim Kardashian Wants More Than Two Children

Right now Kim Kardashian is absolutely loving her current pregnancy, everything about this pregnancy is amazing. Not only is Kim looking incredible in everything that she has worse so far, but apparently she is feeling great. The complications Kim had with North don’t seem to be an issue this time around and Kim is going about business as usual. As every photo to day has shown, Kim is still flaunting her curves in sexy outfits and strutting the streets in super high heels with confidence and she is well into her second trimester. Kim and Kanye had a very hard time getting pregnant this time around, and Kim is just thankful that she was granted another shot at motherhood.

Kim’s current pregnancy style, is the talk of all of social media at the moment reports Handy in this article. Every outfit she has worn since announcing her pregnancy has been a hit. It seems that she has mastered effortless pregnancy style and comfort, we even learned that her husband Kanye, is going to have maternity high heels made especially for Kim. Now Kim and have her shoes and keep the comfort and safety while she is dressed to the nines in her best maternity wear.

Apparently Kim is considering her next child they are excited to have a big family already, while stopping for an interview during a yacht party Kim insisted that if all goes well with her delivery this time around, she hopes to be able to have another baby in the future. At the moment Kim and Kanye are expecting a baby boy, while their family is complete, there is no reason they can’t keep growing.

The 20th Year of Bad Boy

Long before Sean “P. Diddy” Combs changed his name he was simply known as Puff Daddy. During this time he dated Jennifer Lopez and changed her stage name (he helped invent the J.Lo moniker), produced tracks and released his own albums. He also started a little label called Bad Boy records that would go on to do great things. At the BET Awards Sean celebrated this 20th anniversary of the Bad Boy label in a big way. He brought back a lot of artists and got the crowd into it with a 20 years of Bad Boy celebration.

Biggie Smalls, one of the most noticeable artists on the label, is deceased, but a slideshow of him was shown while his rhymes played stated Crunch Base. A lot of artists that people thought they would never see standing by Diddy again resurfaced for this show. The Lox showed up along with Faith Evans and Lil’ Kim. Ever Mason Betha, who is now a preacher, showed up for the 20th anniversary. There were technical malfunctions that did not go unnoticed though. There was a lot of talk about how Diddy fell into the stage during the performance.

He fell into this trap door that was supposed to lift Lil’ Kim from under the floor. He seemed to be okay because the show never stopped. Stars like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj were clearly into the songs that were being sung.

Spider Man Reboot Aims for New Villains

Listen, we are totally okay with Spider Man getting another reboot and so far everything we’ve heard about it has been pretty optimistic. Tom Holland looks like he can capably play the role of Peter Parker/Spider Man and his work in smaller indies gives us hope that he has the chops to make it convincing. Still, we are on our third Spider Man in the past decade and we’ve loved the prior two. SO right off of the bat the reboot has to fight us for our attention. Now rumors are coming out that the producers of the rebooted Spider Man want to focus on some new villains, while possibly shedding some old ones.

We’ve seen two iterations of Osborne Corp and the ensuing Green Goblin story line and we are rapidly getting tired of them. While ‘Amazing Spider Man’ tried to change things up by having Emma Stone play Gwen, instead of Mary Jane, the results were much the same: a sort of tired and flagged story that tapered out toward the end. Even though Paul Feig, producer for the reboot, has insisted that there will be new villains we are still hearing Osborne rumors. We’ve even heard that Matthew McConaughey could possibly be picking up the role of old Norman Osborn.

Fans like Jim Dondero ( agree that what Spider Man needs to do is to include adversaries for Spidey that make sense and provide a fresh spin on the web slinger. Audiences will only stomach the same recycled origin stories so many times.

Apple gets Help From Dr. Dre and Taylor Swift

Apple may not be the pro at web streaming yet, but the company is making all the right moves before the service gets up and running. Taylor Swift made the commitment to let Apple stream “1989” after she pulled her music from Spotify. Dr. Dre, who has had a very lucrative relationship with Apple, has also made the decision to let his groundbreaking album “The Chronic” appear on Apple music streaming services as well.

Some people may look at these two connections and may not think much about it. After all, Sam suggests these are only 2 artists. What people make not notice, however, is that these are 2 artists that are well tied in to the world of music. Dr. Dre isn’t just someone that came up with a headphones idea. To the contrary, he is a producer and rapper with a solid track record in both areas. He has connections with superstars like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar. Dre could influence all of these other artists to also make that commitment to Apple.

While Dr. Dre has the influence for hip hop, Taylor Swift is holding things down in the pop world. She has made a commitment to Apple as well. She showed off her star-studded group of friends in the “Bad Blood” video. She may be able to influence the friends like Selena Gomez to stream on Apple as well.

David Duchovny’s Career Continues To Ride High

David Duchovny is a very thrilled actor. His recent NBC series, Aquarius, has been renewed for a second season. In addition, he is slated to reprise the role that made him a star on Fox’s X-Files mini-series.

The renewal of Aquarius shows the chances of the new X-File series being a hit are pretty great. For one, Aquarius is not exactly great television. The series is a “cop show” set in the early 1960’s and focuses on a detective being a little leery of one Charles Manson and his commune. Overall, the writing on the show is nothing special but the series is doing tremendously well in non-traditional online formats. Basically, Flavio Maluf says online streaming on Hulu and views are enormous. More importantly, the demographic viewing the online streaming is one advertisers salivate over. Needless to say, ordering a second season was a pretty easy decision for the NBC executives to arrive at.

Duchovny tried to parlay his X-Files fame into a movie career, but this did not happen. He did star on the Showtime series Californication for 7 years, but the audience for the series was small in comparison to the one a network show can attract so he was not able to attract millions of viewers. (There was no streaming back in 2007 when the show debuted) Californication was cancelled in 2014 and Duchovny moved right into Aquarius and X-Files. A lot of actors would really relish career success like that.

Kenderick Lamar Believes That Lil’ Wayne Is An Influential Rapper

Kendrick Lamar has really shot to the height of fame recently, especially since he was featured in Taylor Swift’s new video “Bad Blood.” Taylor Swift’s video had so many cameos in it that everyone was talking about it for weeks.Kendrick Lamar’s Opinion. The video is still very popular, and it didn’t hurt that Kendrick Lamar was rapping on the song either. Kendrick is well known now in the rap world, and they’ve asked him what he thinks about Lil’ Wayne. He notated that he believes Lil’ Wayne is one of the most influential rappers in the industry.

Although Kendricks opinion is just that, an opinion, many would agree with him stated Jaime Garcia Dias. Lil’ Wayne is an amazing rapper, he’s done a lot of music, and he continues to work hard. Lil’ Wayne has been in the music industry for many years, and he has stayed loyal to a company that was disloyal to him. Although Lil’ Wayne is currently having problems with Cash Money Records, he still continues working, and he also has plans in the future to work with Jay-Z.

Lil’ Wayne is still fighting to get his “The Carter V” album released, and in the past, Kendrick hinted that he may be on the unreleased album. Since The Carter V has not been released, and there is no release date set yet, it’s unknown what the fate of the album will be. Either way, Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar both have projects they are currently working on.